1. Who sees your payment information?:  All downloading transactions of individual songs and complete albums are handled securely by PayPal
  2. Individual Song Downloads:  All individual songs are mp3's. If you are downloading to a computer with Windows operating system, the transaction is simple. The albums are sent to your computer in a zipped folder. Just click on the folder and the music is sent directly to your computer to burn to a cd, listen on any device that handles mp3's or whatever  your imagination can think of. 
  3. Album Downloads:  The albums are zipped and sent as a download link.
  4. Android Devices:  If you are downloading from an Android device you will need to download a free unzip program to open the file such as WinZip.
  5. Mac Tablets:  If you are using a mac tablet, you will need to download to a computer and sync with iTunes to load the songs into your music app (this is how Apple devices work to transfer music.) 

Thank you for downloading the music today so you can start Rocking immediately to the tunes! Have a great day...



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